Our Services

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Audiological, early intervention and aural rehabilitation services are provided in conjunction with USF’s Speech, Language, Hearing Center (USF-SLHC). All services specific to the Cued Speech Initiative are provided by faculty, staff, or student clinicians who cue. The USF-SLHC also provides AR therapy via aural/oral and/or sign communication approaches.


Parents are the most important language models for their young children but often need information and support regarding

  • hearing loss and deafness
  • hearing aids and cochlear implants
  • communication options
  • developmental milestones

Our early intervention specialists will work together with parents and infants, modeling effective nurturing and communication strategies. Parents opting to use Cued Speech with their children are also coached on how to incorporate cueing into their daily routines.

School Age

Children from public and private schools in the Tampa Bay area come to the USF-SLHC for a variety of speech, language, and aural habilitation therapies. In addition to oral/aural and sign communication approaches, we offer exposure to Cued Speech for purposes of communication and language development and reading achievement.


We currently provide speech, language, and audiological services for deaf adults who cue. Additionally, we can teach Cued Speech and speech reception strategies to late-deafened adults and/or adults with a progressive hearing loss.

Future Services

Cued Speech Daycare

In the future, parent-infant services will be expanded to include structured daycare. Cued Speech daycare providers will have expertise in early intervention; parents will be encouraged to participate in as much of the daycare activities as possible.


After the Cued Speech Daycare program is fully operational, an on-site preschool program will be established for children who are three years of age and older. Staff and student interns will provide language-rich experiences for socialization, cognitive development and literacy skills.

Expanded School Age Services

In addition to individual and group therapies involving Cued Speech, we will offer formal instruction in Cued Speech for deaf and hard-of-hearing school-aged children.