Cued Speech Learning Materials

Getting Started | Developing Proficiency | Teaching Others

Getting Started

Two good resources for learning the fundamentals of the Cued Speech system:

  • Booklet cover Beginning Cued Speech - print book (soft cover, spiral bound)
    • An affordable option for individuals looking for a print-based book
    • Instructors in need of "textbooks" for their classes should check out our bulk discounts for sets of 10 and sets of 50
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  • Art of Cueing - online lessons (back by popular demand!)
    • Free of charge (for individuals learning to cue, not for classroom use)
    • For a well-formatted hardcopy, buy the Beginning Cued Speech workbook described above.

Developing Proficiency

Learning to cue is a lot like learning to type. After mastering the basic rules, practice is required to develop proficiency. Check out these websites for some (free!) ideas to keep in mind while practicing:

Teaching Others

Cued Speech Materials - these materials are to be used only by certified Instructors of Cued Speech and others who are qualified to teach Cued Speech